We try to give the best overall shopping experience to our customers, and determine to be: the global standard for woman’s fashion experience and one of the largest fashion brands in history.




compro tengah kiri 1144 x 1400
compro tengah kanan 1144 x 1400

Designed to last

Our idea of fashion is, it should be on trend, but uncomplicated and thoughtfully designed that makes every piece of our clothes is a great investment. It's timeless and easy to mix and match, using the most comfortable and quality fabrics, our giant focus is to make sure our retail price is affordable for every woman.


We believe that our stores have become a destination point for both creative, young and vibrant women. Therefore, we continually strive to give positive vibes and messages to our community through our social media, social events and collaborations. Began in 2012 at a web base store. In 11 years time, we have 53 offline stores across Indonesia. We continue our growth with new locations each year.
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After you have made your bank transfer, please notify us by entering the details of the transaction. Please note that order will be automatically cancelled after 24 hours.

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