Nowadays, women are forced to fulfill certain standard from the society. One of that is about how they need to be labeled as beautiful.  Unwittingly, many of us tend to judge women’s beauty mainly from their physical appearance. For instance, in Indonesia, beauty is defined by lean physic cal body and fair complexion skin color. So if the woman is skinny and has a bright skin color, she can be categorized as beautiful. If not, well, you know the answer.


This phenomena have established insecurities among women who do not fit into this criteria. They feel unsatisfied and even get depressed about their body, their appearance, and even their selves alone. And this is not right. This is not how women supposed to feel.



To be exact, it’s been 10 months since we first started this #FIRSTLOVEYOURSELF campaign idea. We created this because we found that self-love, especially in women, is now lacking within our current society. So with this campaign, we want to support and spread the awareness that all of us women are beautifulprecious, and unique in our own way. It’s not selfish to love yourself. In fact, it’s absolutely necessary, because when you do, you will accept who you are no matter what and be happy with who you are. Also what really important is when you love yourself you will definitely keep on growing and upgrading yourself.

We then choose our 3 muse that really represent our series, which is Beautiful, Precious, and Unique.

Ankatama, an announcer, MC, podcaster, and voice talent, for Beautiful,

Laura Aurelia, a national para-swimming athlete, for Precious,

and Nadin Amizah, a folk singer, for Unique.

All of them share the same desire to be able to first love ourselves so we can be confident in our feet. However, the way we go through it may not the same, but still we are all in this together.

They had shared their journey of self-love. Jump in to discover their stories here!

And finally, our body series collection is now available on our online and offline store.

And also let’s join #TIASELFLOVECHALLENGE. Help us to spread the awareness about how important it is to first love yourself by upload the picture of you with a paper that written “I AM *your name*, I AM *Beautiful/Precious/Unique*, and so are you!” and tag us, our muses, and your 3 friends. Let them know that we are all beautiful, precious, and unique in our own way.

Let your self shine through! And remember to #FIRSTLOVEYOURSELF.

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