We are starting to spread our wings to international world, by opening our first branch outside Indonesia at Sunway Pyramid Malaysia on April 2018.

“We started as a web based store on April 2012 and now on April 2018, we already have 48 stores across Indonesia and 1 store in Malaysia,” explained Jasmine Jawie, Marketing Communications Manager THIS IS APRIL.

Focus on casual every day wear for female age 16 – 40ish, THIS IS APRIL always update on fashion trend, bring great quality and offer affordable price.

Left – Right : Eugenie Rachel (This Is April) – Jasmine Jawie (This Is April) – Tziaaa (Malaysian Fashion Blogger) – Maria Anggriani (Founder & Owner This Is April)


The name THIS IS APRIL was chosen because it was started at April 2012 and it is also identic with spring where everything is growing and blooming. “The wish is that THIS IS APRIL will always continue to grow and keep on blooming. April is also my birthday month, so it really is very personal to me,” said Maria Anggriani, Founder & Owner of THIS IS APRIL.

Maria Anggriani – Founder & Owner This Is April

Right now, THIS IS APRIL already has a huge name in Indonesia. They had collaborations with the fashion icon, Andien Aisyah back on 2016 and now THIS IS APRIL is collaborating with CHELSEA ISLAN, Famous  for a Charity Collaborations, where some percentages of the profits were donated to produce and deliver 2000 shoes for childrens in Papua, Indonesia. Both THIS IS APRIL and CHELSEA ISLAN went to Papua together to gave the shoes directly to the children.

Forty Nine (49) stores in Indonesia and still growing, now we chose Malaysia as our first country to go international because Malaysia is a neighbouring country which still has the similar culture, target market and fashion style.

“This Is April always update on fashion trend, yet we also consider modest style as part of our collection. We believe with variation range of collections, from casual until modest, Malaysian fashionista will be comfort wearing and choosing This Is April as their personal style. For the future, we are planning not just open 1 store in Malaysia, but some several more stores here in Malaysia and also other countries like Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, etc,” said Jasmine again.

Talking about style of THIS IS APRIL, Maria Anggriani looked very excited, “It is casual, so every women can wear it every day. Chic but simple. Comfortable yet still very fashionable,” she explained. The price is very affordable for a great quality and up to date fashion collections. “For now, clothes that we sell are priced between MYR 65 to MYR 80. For accessories like bags, wallets, shoes, scarfs, etc, it ranges from MYR 45 to MYR 105,” explained Jasmine.

The Grand Opening of THIS IS APRIL Malaysia which was held on Friday, April 27th, 2018 at their first store in Malaysia which is located at Sunway Pyramid LG1-80 was filled with beautiful Malaysian Bloggers such as Dior Yaw, Tan Tzia, Chloe Leong, Sharifah Rose, Dyana Dyanaf, Karen Kho, Stephanie Lim, Shivani Balraj, Careen Tan and many others.

Tziaaa Beautiful Malaysian Blogger

Chloe Leong & Dior Yaw (Beautiful Malaysian Bloggers)

Yvonne Chua (Beautiful Malaysian Blogger)

Careen Tan (Beautiful Malaysian Blogger)

Shivani Balraj & Kelly Chin (Beautiful Malaysian Bloggers)


Written by Jasmine Jawie
Pictures by Sry Wahyuni & Kiki Amalia

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